Final Results

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 Public 0 Comments

Labor Day was the end of my August challenge, and I’m happy to say… I made it!!! Even with traveling and eating out, I STILL managed to lose 3.5 lbs this week, and weighed in at 159.5 on Monday morning. So in August, I lost 6.5 lbs, in 4 weeks. It’s a 1/2 lb shy of my main goal of 7 lbs total, but it’s SO CLOSE that I’m just calling it a win. I had to battle eating out with coworkers, birthday parties, potlucks, a night of drinking debauchery, and traveling out of town this month. Even with all of that, I still lost over 1.5 lbs/week. I was nervous after last week’s “maintenance” weigh in, but it goes to show you, just hang in there. The scale doesn’t always reflect your efforts right away.

Some non-scale victories to brag on: I was able to fit my wedding rings on without a struggle, but sadly, they are still a bit too tight for every day wearing. I think I’ll need to meet my September goal to be able to wear them proudly again. I was able to shop in my old clothes and find my old size 12 pants that FIT last week! It’s so exciting to be able to wear clothes that have sat in my closet for 2+ years (and some pants that I’ve never even worn because I outgrew them too fast). Hooray!

Biggest takeaways from this month: planning is everything. The weeks I did the best and felt good were the weeks I planned out all the meals, including snacks. When unplanned events threatened to guilt me into sabotaging my efforts, I kept this challenge in mind, and used it to power through cravings and weaknesses. Having my group of ladies keeping me accountable was immensely helpful! Never underestimate the power of a support group, no matter what you are struggling with!

The only thing I didn’t do right: exercise. I barely got in any morning workouts this month. It goes to show how important the FOOD portion is to weight loss. But it’s not the only thing, so for September, I’m going to focus my efforts on the exercise portion instead of the food. I feel like I have the food part under control, and will now work on getting my exercise in 6 out of 7 days per week. Hopefully I can also resurrect my Saturday morning Zumba classes that I loved. At the very least, once we are back from vacation, starting next week I’m going to make it my mission to plan out my daily workouts for the mornings, and check in weekly on my progress. It will be interesting to note how adding in fitness will impact my weight loss. I’ll plan another food-focused month in October, right before the holidays. Hopefully, between now and November I’ll have both food AND fitness under control, and be even closer to my goal!!

For my next goal, I’ll use the 1 lb/week guide, and aim for 4.5 lbs (or 155) by Sept 30. That’s 4 weeks away. This week might prove a little tricky since we’re currently out of town, and usually that throws my efforts a bit.. but it’s something to shoot for :) This week may be a wash, but I can give it my all and then some next week :)

For my fitness plans, I’m going to start slowly back in with the 21 day fix. It’s so easy to do in my basement, it’s a fixed time, and I can do it in my pj’s. After September, I’m going to start T25, and see if ramping up cardio helps with the losses in October. But for this month, it will be all 21 day fix. Can’t wait to get started with Autumn again!

On a side note, I did look into the E&E ingredients, and realized that there is artificial sweetener in it. So that, combined with my new philosophy of adopting things I can continue with forever, I decided to drop the E&E supplement. At least, drop it as something I do every morning. I’m going to experiment with different techniques to get me going and power through the workout, and see if I can’t find a better replacement. I may reserve it for those days I have my least favorite or most challenging strength training, but skip it on my easier cardio/yoga days.

We’ll see how it goes!


My stats for this check-in:

Start Weight (May 2013): 191.5 lbs
Start Weight (September): 159.5 lbs

Current Weight: 159.5 lbs

Goal Weight: 130 lbs
Goal Weight (September): 155 lbs

Lost in September: 0 lbs (4 lbs, 4 weeks to go)
Total lost (since 5/27/13): 32 lbs (29.5 lbs to go)