Week One Results

Monday, August 11, 2014 Public 0 Comments

I completed week 1/4 for my August challenge last week, and the results are in :) My start weight last week crept a little higher, since I had just come from a 3 day vacation. Then this past weekend, I went out for lunch and also had brunch on Sunday with copious amounts of bacon, pancakes, and comfort food hash brown casserole.

Even so, I am down to 165 (down 1 pound)! Not quite the 1.5 lbs I wanted to average, but close, and in the right direction. My exercise has been off, and that’s been my biggest struggle this week. But since food was spot-on, I still lost weight. I planned out my meals, and other than the splurges over the weekend, I was solid with staying on my plan. Even outside of those meals out, I didn’t go overboard on the other food of the day, so it was still a win. My basic meals revolved around this:

Breakfast: 2 eggs (scrambled, fried, or just hard boiled) and an english muffin with 1 tbsp peanut butter

Lunch: salad (either black bean with mango and quinoa, or chicken with quinoa, broccoli, and balsamic vinaigrette), or leftovers from previous dinners (usually a protein, veggie, and starch/carb)

Dinner: a protein (chicken, pork, beef, fish) with veggies (salad, carrots, green beans, broccoli, etc) or fruit and/or starch (rice, quinoa, or potatoes). I get most of my meals from my emeals.com subscriptions (their “Clean” and “Paleo” menus are fantastic).

Snacks (usually in the afternoon or early evening): apples, cucumbers with yogurt dill dip, carrots and hummus, applesauce, almonds (plain and cinnamon flavored), or coffee

That’s it! Super simple, and easy to plan. Exercise… ugh. Juliet is going through some wicked pain lately (either teeth or ear related) and it’s keeping her (and us) up at night. I’ve been way too tired to get up early to get in the workouts, so I’ve been a total slacker.

But, I know it won’t last forever. I still keep my alarm set in the hopes that one night she’ll start to settle down, and I’ll be able to force myself to go. I’d love to get back into running in combo with some of the 21 day fix and T25 videos. Baby steps. I’ll start with just waking up early instead of hitting snooze. I’ve also taken to sleeping in my workout clothes, to remove one more barrier to getting out the door. So after I wake up, all I should need to do would be find my glasses, turn on my phone, and put on my shoes (in that order) ;)

I also shared online the things I have noticed/learned this week that will impact me over the next few weeks. The biggest one: I still have issues stopping when I’m full. We went out to eat at District Taco for lunch. I had a burrito bowl, with just lettuce, rice, grilled chicken, black beans, onions, green pepper, and sour cream. BUT, it was HUGE. I was hungry, I ate fast, and if I had slowed down, would have realized I was full after eating half. But it was SO GOOD, that I ate the entire thing. I just wanted to keep tasting it, and then regretted it when I became too full, and overstuffed. I kept my dinner later that night lighter, to make up for it, but I still would have felt so much better if I slowed down and listened to my body. My goal next time we go out to eat (or face any big meal, for that matter) will be to SLOW DOWN, savor bites, and make a note to pause after I eat half, and gauge whether or not I need the 2nd half of the meal. Juliet obviously also enjoyed her black beans :)


Here’s to beginning Week Two!


My stats for this check-in:

Start Weight (May 2013): 191.5 lbs
Start Weight (August): 166 lbs

Current Weight: 165 lbs

Goal Weight (August): 159 (7 lbs)
Goal Weight: 130 lbs

Lost in August: 1 lb (6 lbs, 3 weeks to go)
Total lost (since 5/27/13): 26.5 lbs (35 lbs to go)