Week Three Results

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Public 0 Comments

Well, I’m not sure how to interpret last week. I’ve completed 3/4 weeks, and the results were: I stayed the same. I weighed in at 163, BUT I managed not to gain after a night out with a lot of alcohol, and followed by a friend’s potluck. Not a loss, but not a gain either. I’ll take it.

To meet my BIG goal for this month, it means I need to lose FOUR pounds this last week. Which, only in my absolute BEST week ever did I lose that much. So I’m going to get realistic and say I’m probably not going to get to 4 lbs. *Maybe* I could, but most likely, it won’t happen. BUT, my “good enough” goal was to get close to 160, and I am pretty confident I’ll get there this week.

Challenges that I think impacted my results: hormones (maybe even from new medication that I started). Not enough water. I was using coffee as a way to hydrate instead of including glasses of water, so for this last week, I will up my intake of water significantly. I think it will help at least lose some of the bloated feeling. Too many snacks. Too many nights after work I found myself eating my kid’s dinners or snacking on random food. This last week I’ll reign in the “bites and tastes” after work, and get myself some veggies to eat if I’m really hungry and dinner is not ready yet. Mint gum after work is also a god send, and keeps the cravings at bay until dinner time.

With that plan, I’m feeling good that I will get super close to my goal. Even though I could fit my wedding rings on last week, it still hurts to wear them for more than a few minutes. I think it will take a few more pounds (maybe when I get to 155) where I can wear them all the time. My pants are definitely looser, and I have a pair of black pants in size 12 from Old Navy that I’m also close to fitting in. We leave for vacation on Friday, and I will use both of those as reminders and motivation not to go crazy on break all next week in New York!

For the most part though, my meals were really good. I wasn’t going overboard at meals, snacks were healthy, and I didn’t even splurge on dessert at all. I’m going to carry that into this last week, and really go for broke. My meals for this week are planned out (save for our time in New York on Saturday/Sunday), and I have focus and motivation this week to stay on plan.

Here’s hoping it pays off!


My stats for this check-in:

Start Weight (May 2013): 191.5 lbs
Start Weight (August): 166 lbs

Current Weight: 163 lbs

Goal Weight (August): 159 (7 lbs)
Goal Weight: 130 lbs

Lost in August: 3 lb (4 lbs and 1 week to go)
Total lost (since 5/27/13): 28.5 lbs (33 lbs to go)