new look!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Public 0 Comments

Notice anything different? :) Chances are if you are reading this, then YES, you see a HUGE, ENORMOUS change over here. I’ve finally decided that while I’d love to keep up the blogging, I’m stepping back and letting more of the photos tell the story. I have the blog here for me, to jot down our stories once in a while, or share something I think is worthwhile… but I shifted this new design of the site to really make my photos and photo sharing sites the focus and attention. That’s the whole reason people came here anyway, LOL!

I was also part of an amazing leadership group (hello my fellow Voyagers!) and we discussed at length about our “personal brand”. I knew my current site wasn’t reflecting me very well, and I took a long time to research how to best coordinate my personal life that didn’t detract from my professional one. Especially in IT, since I have a development background, but am not actively in development anymore. I wanted to keep this site as a place I could play and learn and practice, but not necessarily use as a resume. Where people could see my personality and professionalism, and help it flow through to the other realms of my online identities. Where I could be “me”, but still have a boundary between personal and professional.

So here it is. It’s a work in progress as always, so don’t be surprised if there aren’t some more changes in the coming weeks, but I felt it was worth an introduction!